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Calcutta university Kolkata India

Calcutta university Kolkata India

                                          Calcutta university is the university which is established by the British government. It is the Best university in the South Asia for the disciplinary and provide a Good study features for the student .The establishment of the Calcutta university is, 24 January,1857. University of Calcutta is residential  university in teaching and research area. Governor General Lord Canning   was the first Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor.

The main campus of this university  are “Ashutosh shiksha prangan” and some other campus also affiliated by the university of Calcutta. Calcutta university have 170 college in the Kolkata and there near cities .And a lot of student comes their from India or Aboard   for  study in Calcutta university.

There are different departments which they provide different courses for  the under graduation or post graduation programme. Calcutta university have 65 departments with containing 8 faculty. The name of the department of the Calcutta university  Arts, Agriculture ,Science, Technology etc. There are different course for the  under graduation or the post graduation in the technical field or in the research field .Its a very big level university which contain a  lot of subject in every degree programme.

The university of Calcutta provides all kinds of diploma courses for the students like Ph.d, Law etc. Library of the Calcutta has a lot of parts in which all kinds of book, magazines  and web services provides for the best future of the student.

                                                 Calcutta University has sixty five departments organised into eight faculties: Agriculture; Arts; Commerce, Social Welfare & Business Management; Education, Journalism and Library Science; Engineering & Technology; Fine Arts, Music and Home Science; Law and Science. The university has 153 affiliated colleges under its umbrella. See the template for a list of affiliated or associated institutions.

University of Calcutta is recognized as a "Five Star University" and a "Centre with Potential for Excellence" by the University Grants Commission.


Calcutta university Kolkata India

Senate House
87 /1 College Street
West Bengal

91 33 22410071
Fax: 91 33 2241 3222

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